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Windsor Software Model™ of the
TOGAF® Architecture Development Method (ADM)
TOGAF ADM Preliminary Phase - Steps Phase A - Architecture Vision - Steps Phase B - Business Architecture - Steps Phase C - Information Systems Architecture - Steps Phase D - Technology Architecture - Steps Phase E - Opportunities and Solutions - Steps Phase F - Migration Planning - Steps Phase G - Implementation Governance - Steps Phase H - Change Management - Steps Requirements Management

ADM Phases & Steps - Phases G – Implementation Governance:

15.4.1   Confirm Scope and Priorities for Deployment with Development Management

15.4.2   Identify Deployment Resources and Skills

15.4.3   Guide Development of Solutions Deployment

15.4.4   Perform Enterprise Architecture Compliance Reviews

15.4.5   Implement Business and IT Operations

15.4.6   Perform Post-Implementation Review and Close the Implementation

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