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Building Enterprise Architecture - The Book

THE book advancing the art of Enterprise Architecture has just been published...
Building Enterprise Architecture
By TJ Parro and Jim May

Savvy organizations know their Enterprise Architects enable business outcomes. This formerly tactical IT "job" is today a strategic position. Enterprise architects increasingly report outside of IT to the CFO, CMO or office of the CEO. Why this quiet elevation? Enterprise Architects work at the leading edge of organizations; in the zone where business capabilities are born. This is why today’s CEO’s collaborate with their Enterprise Architects when evaluating short and long term strategies. Enterprise Architects continuously blend business and technical capabilities to meet the ongoing demand for new capabilities. If it sounds like ninja smoke…. It is... and smart organizations already know it works. 

Making Enterprise Architecture work involves mutual understanding and trust between EA's and CEO's. This is the first in a planned series of books designed to help maximize investments in Enterprise Architecture. The topics are based on executive's questions and issues addressed in the author's experience teaching enterprise architecture to executives and in delivering EA solutions to large organizations. This first volume begins with basic connecting points between executive and architect and discusses effective techniques for moving architecture to the enterprise level in the organization. The centerpiece in this volume is the ERAM concept. This volume isn't intended to answer every possible question on Enterprise Architecture. It is intended to start the dialogue in a productive way.
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    4.5 starsMost Helpful Customer Reviews
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    4 stars4.0 out of 5 stars Sparkling Nuggets February 28, 2014
    By David Gilmour
    Format:Kindle Edition
    This very fine book constitutes an oasis in the somewhat arid desert of practical guidance available to (budding) EA practitioners.
    Mr. Parro is clearly an experienced pragmatist and given of a degree of erudition that imbues confidence in the content.

    I was privileged, and flattered, to be able read an advanced copy prior to publication. Approaching it with cynical prejudice and a jaundiced eye, I was just so pleasantly surprised that the content was so readily accessible and sensible.

    This volume will soon become a classic - there will be a assumption, and a presumption, that anyone serious in the EA field will know this book.
    5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars Must Have February 24, 2014
    By J. W. Mumma Jr.
    Format:Kindle Edition
    These guys really know their stuff - an indispensable addition to the literature. Get ahead of the curve and buy this book today!

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